Monday, 20 October 2014

Its Been a While...

Since the last time I posted something useful here
You guess RIGHT, i've been busy for the past several months!
If i told you what i have done for the past several months, you will Never Believe,
especially if you have medical background, haha!

I have been doing something most doctors would not even think of doing !
Never speculate anything you don't know and always have an Open Mind ...

We don't know what we don't know, right?

If God willing, maybe i could share the things later on, together with the amazing results i've been getting. But its not the time yet.

I've been thinking of posting about :-
1) Basic ECG interpretation for Houseman
2) Basic Diabetes management for Houseman
3) Basic Hypertension management for Houseman

Which one do you want first?
Leave your comment below, your vote counts!
Which ever is more popular, will be posted first. Adios!

Road Less Taken
Never expect people to understand what you're doing, especially when they have never travelled the path themself