Thursday, 20 March 2014


  Never Give Up Hope

"My deepest condolences to the family of Malaysian Airline's crew members and passenger, words can't explain the ordeal they are going through right now, together lets keep on praying for MH 370"

Keep On Praying For MH370

" Please do not speculate and be modest in what you have say, imagine if it involved our family members "

It Has Been A Very Busy Year So Far
Been a while since I last updated this blog, I guess you've figured out why, right?
Theres a saying, "no one is too busy in this world, its about priority", i like those kind words, because it shows that updating this blog, is not my top priority, lol

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p/s : For those who has downloaded my ebook, thank you, rest assured that i will email other things too, that is related to your life, of course. Not now, as i have a tight schedule. :p

Life Is So Short ...
Do you still remember in January, people brag about their new year resolution?
Are you one of them?
No, I am NOT one of them. Because i'm a walk-the-walk kind of guy, NOT a talk-the-talk kind.
I have target to achieve this year too, most of them are financial target, and currently getting my ass busy for this reason! Have you forgot yours?

Last year I was like most of you guys, i got up from bed, survive another day at work, and go back to bed.
Yes, that was my life cycle, day in and day out. Your life is the hospital, i don't care if you're a houseman, medical officer, specialist, dietician or the security guard. Just have an open mind, and think about it !!
Do You Agree With Me That Life Is Too Short?

The tragedy of A Houseman

"When he's young and able to do anything, he doesn't have the money,
When he's raising a family, he neither has the time nor the money,
When he finally has the time and the money, only to found out that he is too sick and old to do anything!"

Guys, life is too short to be wasted doing things you hate !!
Go live the life you dream of..
Whats stopping you from living your dream?
If it is money, find a faster way to get those money. Get the knowledge to do it first.
If it is fear, find a way to overcome those fear. Still get the knowledge first.
If you hate your current life, list down what is it that you hate about your life,
and start making "resolution" to replace those things, theres no use to post your new year resolution on facebook only to have it "not achieved" by the end of the year !!
And this is why I'm busy, at least for the time being..
I rather be busy for a couple of years, in order to live the life of my dream,
than be busy for the rest of my life living other people's dream,
to me that is unacceptable, fullstop!

"People think that I'm crazy, I quit my high-paying job, sell my shares, refinance my house.. only to buy a non-performing airline company that has Millions of debt in its account"

"Because I don't want to sit down in my older years thinking how come I did not try"

- Tony Fernandes

** what Tony did back then, clearly shows that, how bad he wanted to be SUCCESSFUL !!
Yes we can too, start with the hardest part, which is "start now", my advice, get the knowledge 1st, always!