Saturday, 8 February 2014

Secrets of Credit Card

What The Bank Does NOT Want You To Know

Have you ever asked yourself,
why the rich becoming richer..
the poor becoming poorer..
and the middle class,
stays exactly the same at where they were before, neither richer nor poorer !

I often wonder,
why people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Job, Robert Kiyosaki, Micheal Dell and many others,
who left school early,
did not have a degree,
did not inherited tons of money from their parents
becomes billionaire and very successful in their life ??

and yet...

people like you and me,
we were the cream of the crops,
the top-10 in our school,
went for an overseas degree with scholarship,
but we are not even close to where they stand,
how irony is that !!

Robert Kiyosaki,
best selling author of the Rich Dad Poor Dad,
shares his view on money and educates people about money.

We learnt everything in school but money,
we were not educated on things that creates so many problems to the world

how irony is that as well ??

After I started working, during housemanship, other questions started to builds up as well??

"How Come Success Feels Like This"
is another question that keeps pop-ing, in and out of my thick head,
always feel overworked, underpaid, undervalued, and God knows what.
seeing my friends walked out of housemanship life, i can understand why,
although i survived housemanship, i never feel alive going through it.

Things Happen For A Reason
Just because everyone else is going through the same process, that does not justify
why do we have to work that way, right?
In the first month of my housemanship life itself, i started to look for the answer to my question,
i know i cannot get answer from people around me, as they are doing the same thing everyday.
So i went to the bookstores, going through successful people's biography, just to find the answer to my question.
And ended up reading alot of books, including robert kiyosaki's books !!
And to my surprise, i kind of find out, the ultimate answer to my question.

For your information, i am definitely NOT a book worm to begin with,
In fact, i have never finish reading medicine textbooks from cover to cover !! lol

This is my PROUD collection of books,
which i bought DURING housemanship life
This is not all, still have plenty in my car and at my parent's house. Not to forget, the free reading i've had hours in the bookstores !!

And guest what, yes... I read them from cover to cover !!!  OMG i can't believe reading is so damn cun laa, seriously dude !!
Especially when i read about things i was looking for !!

And believe me, there is so much to learn, i have never thought that "money" is a really interesting subject. I can't tell you how much i have learnt (financially) for the past 2 years. It's like, if i am a pokemon, i have almost max'ed out my level & no other pokemon can kill me, haha !!

Why | Kenapa | Pourquoi
"why" is a very powerful word. In fact, from the 5 wives & 1 Husband ( 5 w = who, where, why, what, when & 1 H = how), i pretty much would say, "why" ranks number one, numero uno baby !!!

Why am i working?
Why i chose to become a doctor in the first place?
Why doctor in Malaysia work like this?
Why do government pays you at the end of month, not at the beginning of month?
Why... Why... the why keeps coming, unless you answer them.

Can't share everything on a single post, will make a kilometers long post if i do so. lol
Long story cut short,
I have found my answer to all my question, well at least almost all.
And it has everything to do with the subject "money", no matter which question i asked !!
So i went looking for books about money, searching about money on the internet and went to countless seminars about money. Spend endless money to learn about money. Again, how irony. Not to brag, but i earn a thousand ringgit more compared to my colleague during housemanship, with passive investment !! Thinking back, this is impossible without me having a strong fundamental about money and the correct mindset at that particular point of time because opportunity like that dont last long, if you hesitate, its gone before you know it !!

"Success Is When Preparation Meets Opportunity" - Zig Ziglar

p/s : we seldom have control over opportunity, but preparation is 200% under our control. So be prepared all the time, to catch the opportunity, never ever miss the "boat" again !!

What With The Post Title?
Where's The Credit Card's Secret?
I don't know about you, but for me to become successful, as a doctor and as a person, financial education is very important. We do not learn them in university, which makes them more important than ever, because we are running out of time as we grow older, i don't want to retire as a poor doctor, relying on my children or the government at 65 years old !!
So one of the process i've gone through in financial education is learning about credit card. Simple yet not one even care to share with me before this. Some of my friends are in deep trouble because of credit card, and yes they are doctors as well !!
So here how it goes, this is a learning process, my mentor once told me, Malaysian don't value free stuff (i agree with him). We tend to appreciate things that we paid for more than a freebies.

Robert Kiyosaki said,
" You never have freedom unless you've achieved Financial Freedom, 
freedom may be free but it has a price"

 So this is for those who are willing to pay the price for freedom !!

I have wrote an e-book, about the Secret of Credit Card,
Fundamentals you need to acquire both in financial education and mindset.
These are actual screenshots of the e-book !

I can guarantee, you will never find any book like this in the WORLD !!

  • In pdf format
  • Only 10 pages, full of important underground content, a video and secrets they never tell you
  • No foreword, index & other non-important content
  • Will be emailed to you, once payment is made & confirmed by me
  • Price is what you pay, VALUE is what you get
  • Knowledge is power, own them and prepare yourself
  • Invest in knowledge, very successful people never hesitate when they invest in "themselves"
  • Price : RM  59.90   49.90   21.90 

I am giving it away for FREE, There's always a price to pay, but who said price cannot be "zero" ??
** the picture beside, is just to scare you, LOL

Yours Trully,

Download Your FREE ebook NOW 

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Credit Card is a great tool financially, learn and educate yourself to make full use of it !!
** In the world of fast lane, you don't know what will happen to you or your profession, no one can tell you if you're going to be fired next month because no one knows. Are you prepare for the worst case?
** For housemanship, the contract-based is a clear sign that job security is no longer guaranteed, even for government sector !! What do you have to lose if you take at least a small portion of your time, to increase your financial education?
** Next I will proof to you that doing nothing is actually taking MORE risk than you can imagine
** Later I will also share with you, how you can make full use of the 2 years contract-based housemanship, produce a passive income (from real investment, not MLM / get-rich-quick scheme), that if the govt decides not to continue your contract, you can still live without a salary. But I don't think you will be interested in that. Hmmm i wonder..

Friday, 7 February 2014

What Should You Do

!! With Your Salary !!

Disclaimer : This is what I recommend and what I personally practice. Your creativity is the limit.

Before we start, I will make a BOLD statement here, this is the FUNDAMENTAL guys, I'm gonna say it clearly, 

" Its not how much money you MAKE, 
its how much money you KEEP and what you DO with it that counts "
                          - Robert T. Kiyosaki

You guys must be thinking, what the heck this guy is talking now, right?
Remember, this blog is about what? - successful housemanship
And this post is about what? - what SHOULD you do with your salary, not what COULD you do !!
Words have different meaning and different powers in it !!

The BIG "why" ??
We have to understand why people do things differently, why people reacts differently and why do people thinks differently towards the SAME things / stimulus.
Its because of the "why" itself. In Cantonese, I mean, its because of "reason". We all have different reason to justify what we think / do / act the way we do. Am I right or right?

So what should I do with my salary?
Before you answer that question, ask yourself first, why do you need the answer to that question?
Just think of a reason, here are some examples :-
- I want to spend it wisely
- I want to optimize the amount of money I can save from my salary
- I want a nice car so that hot chicks will turn their head when i drive pass them

As for me :-
I need to know what should I do with my money so that I can be rich and never have to work again !! (I told you my definition of successful may be different than yours, got it? )
(your creativity or your mind, is the limit, everything is possible and yes it starts from your mind)

So what should you do with your salary, depends on what you want (your "Why" ) to achieve from that salary, there is no absolute answer to that question, am I making sense everybody ??

Now that I have a reason, I know exactly what I want to achieve from my salary, so I can develop a PLAN to achieve that !!

Some of my plan includes :-
  • Make sure I pay the minimum tax and keep my money the maximum
  • Learn the fastest / safest / quickest way to multiply my money (eg : investment)
  • Buy things "I need" instead of things "I want" (eg: car, house, food)
  • Take full control of my money (eg: cashflow, debt)
  • Learn every single thing about money

There's a famous saying;
" If you fail to plan, you plan to fail "
(in other words, if you don't do anything, no plans at all, you will just accept what will happen to you, that is a well-crafted-subconscious "plan" to fail)

So my VERY OWN plan, has to do with :-
- how much money should I save?
- how much money should I invest?
- what investment is the best for me?
- what type of car should I buy?
- what type of house should I buy?

bla... bla... bla... maybe BORING to you, but it exciting for me because this is MY LIFE !!

** If you want me to share my personal plan, maybe my why and your why is similar, or maybe it can spark some creativity in your head for you to have your own why, kindly let me know by leaving your comments below and share this with your friends, otherwise, I am not motivated to cause more damage to my "computer-vision-syndrome eyes" Tq