Monday, 24 September 2012

Lets get started shall we??

Lets start from the beginning
Things you should do before reporting to your respective hospital.

1st - sign up for EPF (KWSP), for HO, its compulsory to have one. If later u decide to go for "skim pencen", then after becoming MO only u can change. For now, just get an EPF account. Remember to bring your epf slip (at least remember your epf account number), gonna use it for hospital registration.

2nd - open a bank account. this one, i assume all of us already have at least one right? this is for the govt to bank in ur monthly pay (for our gaji liao). Just print out your bank statement which shows name and bank account number. Can get from online banking or just go to the nearest branch, ask for "surat pengesahan akaun untuk kemasukan gaji", the bank ppl will know laa, they will ask you to fill up a form, and they will check with their data and give official stamp on it. Thats it, simple right?

3rd - you're gonna need all your family member's detail.
eg : full name,
     birth certificate number,
     your parents workplace detail
its for the registration as well, they are entitle to special treatment (not that special laa) if they are admitted to hospital and for other things which during kursus induksi, they will tell you all about it.

4th - get your medical doctor stamp ASAP !! Normally it will take 3 working days to get it done. It will save alot of time, u can just "chop & sign" instead of manually writing ur name, pegawai perubatan bla bla bla..
the format : (diff hosp may have diff requirement, but as far as i'm concern, no one really cares)

Dr. Ahmad Aidil, 
Mbbs IMU
Pegawai Perubatan UD41
No. MMC 59761
Hospital Kuala Lumpur (i dont put hosp name, so i can still use it, if i change hosp later)

*no MMC (no pendaftaran sementara) is the one u get from medical council after register with them, u can check online as well

If u had all these things done BEFORE hospital registration, it will save alot of time and effort, some hospital will let you settle these things on your first day, meaning you're not working yet on your 1st day.
Usually, on your 1st week, you will have hospital orientation, from 8am - 5pm. After that, you will start tagging to ur respective department given to you by the hospital admin.

What is "tagging" ??
Tagging is a period of time, ranging from one to two weeks, in which you have to work DAILY from 7am to 10pm. Its considered as the crucial time where you need to learn as much as you can. By saying the word "learn", i mean, learn HOW TO WORK !! no more theory dude. I told you to prepare before becoming a HO right?? Dont worry, i will guide u as much as i can.

Department ??
There are 6 departments altogether
- medical
- surgical
- orthopedic
- paediatric
- obstetric & gynaecology
- emergency dept or anesthesiology (you will be given either one, but u can appeal if u want to change)

to be continue..

Quick Facts 1 : Know your role

Basically, as a HO, you should know whats your job & whats NOT !!
The govt wont pay u more if u do extra job.
You dont want any unnecessary responsibility or trouble, esp during HO time.
You're not a robot, u'll get tired after sometimes, right?
Let those who earn more than u do, handle the headache.

I'll share my experiences during HO time, things that you'll only learn if u went through it
but now you don't have to, thanks to me.. lol

Why am i doing this??
Well let say, life as a HO is very tough. Some might not make it, i have friends referred to psychiatry due to the overwhelming stress, i myself sometimes have hard time during HO but i am blessed to have good colleagues who are more than willing to guide me through and family members who i cant thank enough for the moral support i've received.
So long story cut short, now its my turn to help others, my way of showing gratitude to almighty god.

Be prepared before becoming a HO !!
When you already started, believe me, you will NOT have time to prepare for whats coming.
Dont just go rambo into HO life, you're NOT Sylvester Stallone okay !!

Keep on reading, i cant promise that i'll update regularly, but i'll try my best.